Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rabbit Proof Fence.

The lads are back from manouvres, they’ve been practicing for a long time whilst we’ve squandered our borrowing power on nothing but mass murder.

So once you’ve practiced what do you go and do?

Apply your learning.

The foreign military leaders and observers are from Brunei, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.


Remember I stated that the reason MacArthur is reputed to have quipped that he’d be back as he left Phillipine soil, after the Japanese had attacked, was because he knew what all the excercising by the US Navy Pacific Fleet had been about in the 1930s? He knew the funny money machine, the Federal Reserve, would start the money making machine, the King maker, spinning when the time was ready?

I wonder if Barry was awake to what was being suggested when Hu dropped by. Remember if the funny money machine has moved then the new city where the evil altars can hide will print all the money that it needs to do to us what we did to everyone else since the Bank of England was started.

Where then?!!!

How about here. The ground is quite litterally and littorally prepared. Some straws in the wind that there is action to come down that way have been tossing around for several years. The latest being here.

The Almighty Dollar was always Chinese. Never Yankee.

However the question still hangs out there. Are the ChiComm central bankers a bunch of Hjalmar Schachts? Have they been allowed to print their own money since that is the only way to to get the next big one kicked off on schedule with concomitant societal ablation?

Still cannot find definitive evidence on that one.

Other straws in the wind include, currently, lots of people prepositioning themselves in South America just like in the 1900 s and the 1930s. They always bolt to where there is no real shooting match going on. Just organised crime. That brings us back to the ChiComms and their, Iranian trained, sponsored terrorists operating in South America and trained in the Phillipines.

Crime Bosses and Central Bankers, synonymous.