Sunday 20 February 2011

Massive Ordnance Penetrator

Two big reads.

Tarpley on Egypt. Significant for his lack of ChiComm analysis.

The sore spot of Aus to gettting left out on a limb again, i.e. abandoned by the RCE/LC, makes their whiskers very sensitive to ChiComm malarky. I intended posting some of the content used here in another item relating to Intellectual Property, but that can wait. When one reads the doc in conjunction with a very well informed “an omnibus” commentator that ELP has picked up recently “Look at the crap we’re _still_ playing with: Ballistic ordnance, across the board. That won’t do for a tinker’s when the next hotwar introduces APS+ like defenses that combine single-staring MAWS sensors and 1,500ft warhead/fuze detonator rockets capable of defending surface hardened buildings from close aboards by 2,000lb class PGMs which are suddenlyl ‘airburst’"then the following conclusion would seem inevitable.

30,000lbs of some dual penetrator, i.e. occluded dirty bomb, is only going in when the air is clear of all opposition. That could be stand down, not necessarily a shooting match.

Where though? Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan?