Tuesday, 27 March 2012

All heating up nicely.

Image source below.

What happened to the Russian Emperor when he did’st phekk up the plans for USofA corp. take down?

Who is currently getting all tooled up with the latest stolen kit, designs and tech. for a mission?

Guess who is getting target designated? Guess which bases are getting painted?

I know only those who think like a bankster will understand the apparent contradiction there in that last question. So, to spell it out for you. In the coming age of USofA corp. perpetual indebtedness, where the trillions that need to be serviced to the Rock/Roth funny money machines mean that there will be no more tax money for new kit for grunts and flyboys. At a time when the heathen’s favoured slaver state can, debt free, start to make moves on the impoverished. Those bases are designated targets. As I said a while ago when Boorman tooled through the area.

I’d get the phukk out of Darwin.

Anyone who thinks that Singapore, founded as a drug running, NOAHide pirate base, is not going to turn coat at the correctly judged traitorous moment to cause maximum harm to USofA corp., lives in a blank world of ignorance and idiocy.

As I said the plot thickens and the script is playing out just fine.

I wonder how many rewrites it took to engineer this chapter in the heathen play.

Oh phukk get ready to duck Jakarta, they will wait for the point in the script to be reached, though. Just when you might think you’ve gotten away with it.