Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jackass Nation

If the fools that have no property could only see themselves murder now. No roots and when they get back home broken, all the economology positions for the broken are for ever filled by other murderers.

I think that UKplc is parkland, grazing pasture for emptied souls. Private parkland. You trespass and you die, murdered numbered.

If the untrained clowns that cannot handle their crate, jackass stylee, are unaware of the humungous mental horse power that went in to their survival? Then they deserve a true desert of deserted stinking dessert.

Then imagine the death breadth of the show courts to murder you with their breath, toxic brew.

Not for nothing are we read.

Are you ready for idiots driving legalese missions?

Are you?

They cannot help themselves, this is what they do.