Friday, 2 March 2012

This is what happens when….

…you let Phukk D’Witzzs, who charge everything in their RICO lives to the tax payer, make decisions.

These things are going to fit out in the cheapest possible materials, see HMS Ark Royal vs. HMS Eagle for a comparison on wartime build vs. peacetime build.

Since we are likely to have ditched MilSpec completely to save money further, expect them to burn from end to end if ever hit.

You asked for it UKplc, from sovereign nation to satrapy in two generations.

Talking of HMS Hermes, she’s been exercising, something sovereign nations do, in the Bay of Bengal.


The world’s most lawless state.

Well according to the GGT and the Cameroid, scion of drug running gangsters, it is Somalia.

So let’s have a close look.

Answers on a postcard please.

Who has offed more women and children since 1990 than anyone else?

Who has destroyed the commercial intercourse of the West by creating fiat, fiat debt?

Who is ready to use weapons of mass destruction straight out of the traps?

Who, just like Nazi Germany (but without any of the benefits), have been invading territories under peace time conditions?

Who has been set up for a fall?

BTW if the clowns running this so called instrument of democracy, NATO, can get their fuel supply cut and their citizens/subjects frozen to death at home from fuel shortage, then the geezers in the skiffs must have been given a license to practice what they preach from matron at RCE/ZENTRAL. For if they really were acting independently those LPP drones from Djib and Mahe would have delivered a load of special pharmaceuticals to cure our headache.