Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Thinking on bankster time scales yet?

Who’d been given too much funny money, explosives and free grain from USofA corp. then? 

New Holland. Haarlem?

Who’s got phukk all time to do other than phukk around heathen Venetian stylee?

“The man who fought the Romans was known as Gaius Julius Arminius. He was born in 18 BC as Erminaz to the Cheruscan war chief Segimer in the northern Rhine valley. The Cherusci were a Teutonic people which meant they were a society of free men who practiced democracy and held criminal and civil court.


Do me a lemon!

Softlee, softlee, softlee, fleece the monkee.
Image sorcery. Real estate.

Anyway, punks.

Have they been killing us for 6 millennia or only 5? You’ve forgotten in all this IniWiiiPoxdexcrement excitement.

Haven’t you?

Do you fell lucky?

Or can you stop pissing yourselves now?

I go north again soon.