Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Good news UK plc.

You have finally achieved your unrealised ambition. Go worship some inflated bladders in the fields.

Thanks to the RCE/LC turning the kingdom into fractured rollingparklands and grouse moors you will not have to defend your hovel again. Nothing is yours to defend!

You are house slaves now; at best, you hope. Soon to be in the fields, feral or feudal chattel.


All those men who died to bring this halcyon condition can rest in their unmarked graves.

Well done UKplc.

Slumber well in your AGENDA21, gulag approved, 17thcentury cattle space.

Told you we were a RICO state. H/T ELP

Anyone care to demonstrate otherwise?

What a phukkin’ dump without hope for anything other than bitchboydom.

You will never move from your atomised space again.