Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Maximissimus Max

What a classic.

Several things hitting the fan and making me sit up and pay attention.


Gordoom Broon.

Phillipines, one and a half island defence chain.

Odinga, Kenya, Uganda, LRA and Soetoro; as your correspondent noted a few days ago.

B.I.S. the Nazi bank, which fronts for the real fascists.

Sherrie; who I first stumbled over when checking out these geezers a couple of years ago. AdamS (WTFAU china?) must have been wandering down a similar path for he put Sherrie on his side bar around that time. Sherrie the only person to crack the arsebark that is half past human.

Then one of the geezers turns up in his, obviously favourite, shirt in Maximum’s shop!

If the realisation that the whole world is an imagined entity is abroad then soon amnesia will be prescribed by the Lead Pill Pharmacy.

All these good things your pixel driven retard has touched on over the years. Don’t be getting all fretful. Those who drink here, and at the other swillhouse, know my opinion on the true function of precious metals, it is purely hyperdimensional temporal. There is no money, no wealth. Just the unjust choice of the watchers solving their problem.

BTW whichever fan is currently wandering through the archives here, systematically, day by day, make yourself handled. If you are that keen you should be advised that my best stuff, current, past and future is to be found at the other shop.

Love and kisses.