Sunday, 4 March 2012

The smartest thing I've read this year.

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Smacks with me.

"Jagdpanzer IV is not a tank, when you dispose the turret you can have more armor, aniway is not about the armor alone, the gun in the Panther was far better than the one used for III/IV projekts, including the sloped armor w166 drawing, the KwK 40 fired a 6.5 kilograms projectile at 745 meters per second, now the kwK 42 of the Panther fired 7.2 kilograms projectile at 935 meters per second. The Kwk 40 was useful in the Africa, mediterranean and Western Front, but after 1943 with the introduction of a new generation of soviet it was unsuficient for the battle in the East.

Probably a good strategy would be to use the III/IV in the west and the Panther in the East, I guess is too simple for many german minds of ww2."

Peace time biscuits are bitter.