Thursday, 15 March 2012

More turnin’ and burnin’

The following is just camowank so go elsewhere if you don’t like big bits of kit heaving into view.

No other type of warship has taken so much pummelling and survived than the big armoured carrier. (BTW can you guess which ex hot rod driver andfamous ex Hanoi Hilton inmate is thought to have been responsible for the fire on CV-59?)

Have you ever thought that wood on a carrier, like steel on an expendable, is expendable? Why would, why fission? Why fusion? Why noting nothing? The squareheads had worked that all out 70 years ago. As Lavender Luck would have remarked, the Cold War, it was all scripted.

It has taken forty years to get over the 1970 Midway wobble; you are going over the side if a rowing boat passes us by, to get us to the Ford. That is a shit load of overhang.

On the naming of carriers one should care for what one asks for. I should remark that, like the Ark Royal of Force H fame, lack of fate doomed the best aircraft carrier design, all things considered, to abandon.



Do you know why USofA corp. won the Peacefool war? USMC and USN subs.

BTW where is the Jimmy C? Where are all the other big boats kitted out for SEALs?