Monday, 5 March 2012

SPRINT or mort gage?

Had a good weekend and I am happy to relate that your correspondent did not fail us when the girls decided to pull a quick Dr Who knowledge quiz whilst I was practicing my drone and remote killing skills. Smackdown. Oh yes I dragged all the actors' names from my bonce, who’ve played the good Dr, and some more.

So payback time was 20 questions on Red Dwarf, both girls profess to be fans, which revealed a startling lack of knowledge or attention span for those concerned.

Go on then, what else did Pete consume other than a cow vindaloo and what was the outcome for special forces? (Pun intended)

Anyway, talking about Special Forces, have a squeak. Now that JC has been hit on the head and the gear got left behind guess who’s got a new toy to play with? Funny how the clowns here in UKplc have decided that it would be better to leave us open to nuclear blackmail than actually pay for real defence, mind you the Big Sticks, as I’ve explained previously, are Roth’s special sacred scary instruments.

Hey ho, only Monday and the entrails are looking suboptimal already.

Time to drape a carcass on the altar and see what the future holds, where’s me priestly robes of state?

Once all functioning critical faculties have been neutralised, what remains other than a meat sack?

Would USofA corp and UKplc be considered brain dead and just suitable for spare parts?

What would be a brain death test for these swamps of pestilence. I know hit the fhekkers with this and see what happens. The Fed is dumping excremental dollars into the world at 0% and still the religious beggars at these banks are stiffing up interest rates! WTF, WTFU Phukk D’Wittz!

Kind of looks that way, flat lined, switch off the iron lung and save some lekky!