Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Catherine, Catherine, Catherine…..

…if I were Chris one of the remaining six saddles would have had your name on it.

Jon Rappoport interviews Catherine Austin Fitts (c 1hr)


I keep telling you all the money got stolen. How come if we know all this that the bitchboys CamClegg and before that Brownfinger, don’t breathe a word?

They are shit scared.

Well since we are in an investigative and speculative mood remember that these guys are meeting.

If you listened carefully to CAF as she described the process of the movement of stolen money in the 1990s then you should not be surprised to learn that Bilderberger meetings were originally designed to furnish the movement of the massive stolen capital and wealth that had been looted from Europe in WW2. It is called money laundering. There was so much of it that a major steering committee was set up to deal with the flood of capital. Don’t think Nazis, that is a cover story, just think intergenerational elite criminals.

You might shrug your shoulders and say so what, long time ago. OK what if there is a distinct technological and money linkage to 911? Ohh….. that got you didn’t it?

As I’ve said before once you know their names you are looking at a distraction.

Soooooooo….again following on from Catherine’s discussion I postulate that there must have been a still secret later steering committee removing capital from the West involving intergenerational Oriental/South American elite criminals.

The AntiBilderberg process grouping.

No money no livey.