Wednesday, 30 June 2010

William Gibson and Black Ice.

Good thought line AdamS. Can You Visualise 21st Century Conscription?

If there were another big one I think TPTB would do their best not to involve the rest of us directly because the war crimes that would result from the execution of their business plans cannot have free witnesses. All witnesses must be bought and paid for and have a real stake in the outcome. Conscription, a people’s army, is not in their plan. If anything a decoupling of their interests and our herd like grass munching will be encouraged.

However I think that we will be conscripted to work in some capacity that means all the equality boxes will be ticked.

What that means is that the deaf, dumb, lame and blind will have as much opportunity to get flat lined as the A class men that got wiped off to oblivion in WW2. I hinted at how this might be done a little while back, just search “mind snapper”.

For the rest, the more dead bodies littering the planet the more soap piped into our homes. If you don’t accept the soap you will lose your home. Just watch it is coming. Stick your head into reality and you’ll get it knocked off. Stay in unreality and enjoy the unthoughts.

However there won’t be too many of us dead.

After all they still need worshippers.

Narcissistic mental bastards.