Wednesday, 16 June 2010

High Frequency Trading and Backdated Selling Part 2.

Met my banking chum again on Sunday evening and we picked up where we left off. In the interim I’d been having some BOWTIME watching Fußball and yakking with my Bulgarian mukka about this and that. On both occasions I had occasion to give it some right hand drive about insurance.

Social control through insurance.

The Venetians, in cooperation with the restored - that is, degenerated - Medici interests, began a major move into maritime and other types of insurance. These ventures live on today in the biggest business enterprise associated with Venice, the Assicurazioni Generali Venezia, one of the biggest if not the biggest insurance and real estate holdings in the world.

De-normalising society by the subtle drip, drip, drip of higher and higher insurance premiums to make sure you cannot do anything at all ever. Transforming your wealth into nothing in your hands.

Transferring wealth to where?

If the Californian Pension administrators knew all the money had left USofA corp. way back in the mid nineties, see CAF at Solari mentioned previously , then where did the money go? What did it do?

The conventional explanation is that our pension contributions are invested optimally by the free markets in investment opportunities. What were these investment opportunities then? Why are we poor now with no pensions or savings?

As a little aside one mantra we hear in UKplc is that private sector pensions are gone so the public sector better get ready for them to disappear as well. Let me simplify this for the thick then. House one was robbed because the occupants were distracted by a blocked drain and the back garden went to rack and ruin. Their next door neighbours were more vigilant and even though the pong from next door made their lives miserably and the adjoining fence rotted they got on with what they were doing. Now the landlord has decided to equalise the street and make it all equality complaint. If you know Alinskyism that means down to the lowest common denominator. All to hide the fact that everyone’s property has been sold off under the noses of the occupants.

Got that UKplc EVERYONE’S pension has been stolen and the MSM are agitating neighbour against neighbour to disguise the theft. See. Whilst we are arguing about who doesn’t deserve a pension the boys are hoping to complete the Getaway .


As always we are going to be running up against the Big Black Box that is Goldman Sucks. This is a deliberate slur because deep in GS there is a BBB that performs magik.

I’ll skew reference Arthur C. again. “Any sufficiently advanced level of technology will appear as magic to autochthonous peoples.”

For example AdamS at Politically Confused has put up a good item on ancient Indian belief systems, today.

Now don’t get too upset if I point out that we are the autochthonous peoples, savages, and the Vedic is Arthur C.’s high civilisation. “So what?” you are asking. Well if sufficiently large numbers of us start to ask “WTF? I was told Manhattan was the greatest human R&D project since toasted cheese and now I find that Oppenheimer was being steered in the ways of the hundredth monkey; well just what is going on?”

A similar legend is the Christopher Columbus bollox. He was hundredth monkeying as well; he KNEW there was something out there. He never went venturing into a void.

Getting back to the present the BBB is a factor in the off shoring so many of the jobs that used to be the wealth base of the West’s stable democracy. Places like Wal-Mart like to spin a tale of their being homely, self grown USofA corp. enterprise. Well look at the Wall St. lucre, our pension money, that went into investing in off shore manufactories for the Wal-Mart outlets as well as financing the Stores themselves.

As I remarked to my banker chum there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in the shells that are the locations where we worship every weekend. Unlike Giza or Notre Dame or Stone Henge there is no investment at these sites, simply entries in the universal spreadsheet that suggest some sort of investment was made with money that doesn’t really exist. These are uninhabited ghost sites where we worship for our food and water.

These are communist inspired vehicles for the destruction of our lives.

Let’s have a look at this.

S.E.C. Chief Promotes More Rules for Trades

What does this tell us? It tells me the money has gone and you and I are to be put under the cosh. No way are we going to be moving anything like capital around soon.

This is going to go into a very weird place but stay tuned.

Back to CAF

Why did Goldman Sachs sell such a large position in BP shares shortly before the spill? What about other unusual stock sales and transactions prior to the spill?

Also Shorting the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs

What’s the BBB then that is supposed to allow the GSuckers to get a steal on their rivals. High Frequency Trading, basically SKYNET rules the world. See Second Banker Accused of Stealing High-Frequency Trading Code

GSuckers basically owned the BBB that everyone’s market plays were processed through.

And this is where the crime is used to hide the mystery schools’ hundredth monkey from us the great unwashed. In the BP case the idea is clear. Someone knew the rig was going to go down and sold out just before the event. Kind of like the BBB effect knowing the market plays, delaying the plays whilst letting GSucks play a fraction early and scooping the pot.

The Wall Street Journal once said of backdating: "It is roughly akin to being able to bet on the horse race after it is already over."

I’ve taken you to this place before.

Now I’ve got an itch and it won’t go away. Something is here in my hands. I’m good at finding the hidden in clear. It’s what I do. However just what the Hong Kong Phooey is it I'm looking at?

Is a something putting great big phekking dots out here for me to fall over the adjoining lines?

I quoted extensively from a document on propaganda exposure here which shows that we, the ones likely to be producing and reading this stuff on the Ausfhart, are the prime targets for mind stun. So what to do?

Well it may be bollox, but it is my bollox, and I hope it will at least get one more person looking askew at just what is going on.

So what is it I see in stealing seconds, back dating trades, high frequency trading and shorting the market. The language is calling to me. The ritual requires the secret to be hidden in clear sight.

I see an advanced technology based upon Cartan Einstein’s 1920's “discredited & incomplete” field unification theorem, initially successfully engineered by the well travelled Gabriel Kron for use in electrical machinery, and now after 80 years successfully reaching into the future and sending information back into the past on a strategic basis.

By the time Wal-Mart et al have succeeded in turning us into North Korea we’ll be autochthonous again and this will all be magik.