Monday, 28 June 2010


ZGR has posted up a very important document. You must copy and digest.

It is by my old mukka and not quite Scot.

I’ve been watching this bitchboy for quite some time. He’s managed to get any rivals taken out of play and he is a heavy duty creating history Foundation enforcer.

What you are going to read is how they, Rock/Roth, intend to play the next few moves. I know it is the true blue version because the bitchboy is having a solid gold, cast iron, copper bottomed metallic mixed metaphor of an academic reputation hammered together so that his works will be prescribed reading if you want to join the club. They cannot afford for him to be wrong since he’s going to affect generations of students to come.

He is quite literally writing their history for them now on cue.


As I keep telling you that is all TPTB have to do all day apart from check their brood mares and lineage.

Go on enjoy.