Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Department For International Development

Those of you who share a BOW here will know my opinion on just what the Dear Leader is. He’s our Rock/Roth Pyongyang puppet. He’s there because the Boys in the Big Room want him there to cause trouble at the appropriate time.

Certain little signs give the game away. Firstly he is a narcissist. He’s got stupid hair, stupid glasses and a fucked up sense of what’s good looking to wear. Even if he was given a good hard Gokking he’d still look like a turd in a tuxedo. He loves cinema and theatre and thinks himself a top notch fantasist like his cousins in Hollywood. Fuckkwitz.

Just like Stalin’s top movers and shakers, they thought Uncle Joe didn’t know but he did, the Pyongyang Couch Caster has a big fat Swiss bank account. Oh yes, all good Commie bastards have one of those. He’s most likely got an insurance scam running on the dead people that get tilled back into the soil in NK when they croak it in the fields. Don’t worry Little Moshe and the Cleggerons will get us to that paradise as well soon enough.

So this heaves into view showing how the Steven Spielberg of NK fiction fulfilment fills the coffers.

Foreign Currency Earnings Constructions in Africa

So on a hunch I wander over to the DFID and head to P9 DFID Document Building our Common Future in Sub-Saharan Africa

Oooohhhhh its not a clear cut case but whose running the DRC desk in that shithouse?

They better wake the fuck up.