Friday, 11 June 2010

High Frequency Trading and Backdated Selling.

Met my banking chum last evening. It has been a while since we chewed the rag and as is often the case so much the better for the quality of the yak.

He is puzzled by a phenomenon that I can only describe as “Vacant Business Model Syndrome”.

Let me explain a little. One of the clients is a new start up and is fronted by a big name in Westminster. The client is contracted to put in place a part of the customer spying process for one of the UK’s big high street food floggers. What puzzles my chum was that they didn’t seem to be liable for anything going pear shaped. They in effect have created their own business opportunity from nothing, got a contract worth millions on a time and materials basis, need not test their “work” to a certifiable level, hand it over to the business full of holes even though it has been “patched” from a big name in the software game and when asked of the business owners what was the basis of their business, got a classic reply.

They said “Basically ********* don’t need us”

My chum was at a loss to explain this phenomenon. The guys have been given a line of monies without any need to show competence.

Well I couldn’t resist the bait and I took it. Although not a software engineer I know all about NASA’s Shuttle Launch Software Team, Motorola’s Bangalore Research Labs and stage 5 of SEI CMM.

I remarked that there are no business models any more. If the three that front BGT can become very wealthy you have to realise that in an Attention Economy, see my previous on this, which is really a command economy you do as you are told and get rewarded.

Someone has been looking for the characteristics displayed by one Simon Cowell, found them embodied, and he is now rich.

Similarly someone wants something achieved in the UK food flogging business, what can that be?

I remarked that the legend that we base our society upon is a false one. Basically if I’ve got a good idea to meet a need in the free market I hammer together a company to meet the need. It is called free capitalism. As Gentleman John Harris will tell you, that is what tipped him off to the bollox. You do not get to start anything up unless tapped first.

When I was doing research into Management Accountancy and the Alchemical Accountancy practiced by the High Priesthood at places like KPMG, Accenture etc it was clear to me that the communist nature of that beast was obvious to all who wanted to see it. I have previously related me and my friend Stuart the union man’s thoughts 20 years ago when we were considering MBAs. GMAT; Chairman Mao’s little Red Book for the goons of Lalalalnd. We shied off and pursued non GMAT courses.

Similarly I asked, rhetorically of my chum, what is the most private thing that a business possesses? Its books. You know how I like the turnin’ and burnin’ crowd so when I was researching business I took a swaatch at Boeing. Supply chain management. Basically a bunch of Commissars turn up to point a contract at the business owners head and say “Open the books or else the bankruptcy court beckons”. They then decide how much of a margin you will get.

Notice you the business owner are now a party apparatchik, again I’ve explained the universal spread sheet previously, with political responsibilities upwards rather than down wards to your employees. Employees do not exist. Got that?

Once you realise this basic backdrop to doing business then you can understand how a business like the one my chum was dealing with can have “Vacant Business Model Syndrome”. These businesses are political and by extension psychological operations.

If you watch the development of knowledge based systems and expert systems. If you understand the dynamics of knowledge elicitation. You will understand the profound political dynamic that has been unleashed upon the business world. Which ultimately means the impact on us the ordinary punter is a great heaving wall of ignorance. Provide the correct ignorance though and you will be well rewarded with multiple breeding opportunities, sunshine and caviar.

My chum nodded and so we returned to the UK food floggers because this is a very illustrative warning example of where we are headed.

Viewed in extremis the dynamic here is to kill the suppliers, very important this, because that kills knowledge and memory. One of the objectives of knowledge capture in expert systems is knowledge safeing in sacred vaults only accessible to the initiated. This is clearly explained by none other than Arthur C. Clarke when remarking that a sufficiently high level of technological sophistication will manifest itself to autochthonic people as magic.

Once societal knowledge imprisonment is achieved the next dynamic is rationing of appetites.

If you don’t understand Tesco’s focus on fixed price booze supply then you will once you realise that the ultimate objective of the food floggers is to ration food and the essentials of life. They will decide who starves and who doesn’t and just like the Indian famines, see my many references to Gideon Polya, it will be blamed on the markets.

RICO business= COMMIES

Once again Maurice Strong must have a direct line into this process which is most likely to be at the COMINTERN meetings where the bitchboys get their blackmailed marching orders other wise known to you and me as Bilderberg.

There is a terrible parallel at work here with the old quip from Soviet time “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work”. Now in the age of rapid change and ever quickening fashion cycles we could quip “They pretend to give us equality and we pretend to be free” This is a dangerous trap for it is a prepared position designed to kill our liberating habits.

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