Monday, 21 June 2010

Mind bend and the U bend.

C4 has a non debate ahead of the “Emergency” budget.

The real emergency of course is not addressed. The real emergency is why 300 of our lads and ladtrice have been blown to smithereens helping the Rothschild Corporate Entity, operating out of Tel Aviv; prepare the ground for their ChiComm mates to come in and take over the oil and minerals in SW Asia. That is the real “EMERGENCE and EMERGENCY”. Make no mistake all the orchestrated bollox and screaming and yelling over the past decade or so has been deep cover for the RCE Tel Aviv going Oriental.

Tonight it seems like we have CP graduates fronting and opinionating here about cutting government spending. As a sop we hear that we might get Council Tax frozen. Well if local councils deliver nothing that is an infinite rate of inflation. Smooth punditry to clear our minds of critical faculty. A tame audience voting!!! Bwahahahahaaaa. Don’t make me fucking barph.

LSE rigged? Either way these slobs are not British.

A British person, a true Brit. Someone with a name like Ethelred or Arkwright would have stood up and said “All the money has been stolen, all our pensions, all our savings and all our wealth. This is just an exercise in mind grooming and obfuscation”

“Go find the thieves and stop telling us we are facing cuts”

For the cuts do not exist.


Money is not real.

Budgets are not real.

Profits are not real.

The great universal spreadsheet where we are all pigeon holed in our glorious static diversity is but a construct. It is not real.

Your life is real.

What is being proposed is a theft of your life.

All the rubbish theorised, pamphleteered, promulgated and propagandised about money and economics is just a game played on the unsuspecting to steal all, part or future of lives, lived, current or as yet unrealised.

Amidst all the change that we experience can I remind us of one thing that does not change?

The lives of the thieving super rich. That never changes. Why?

Because they thieve our every breath by convincing us that change is necessary.

Don’t believe a word that is said on this subject Ukplc. When they start down the false trail that is traitor led unions withdrawing labour just remember that the opposite side of the coin is the withdrawal of fiat money and real wealth through theft and gerrymandering by the boys in the Big Room. They do it over and over again wherever they turn up.

The boys in the Big Room smoking cigars and fucking puppies with hammer dildoes. Bitches the lot of them for they cower in fear of the slightest chink of light on their putrid beliefs.

No kidding. What else do you think the unlimitedly wealthy do with their time?

The only reason they have time is because they stole our lives.

All 300 of them.

All UKplc troopers, every lad and ladtrix, home now.

No more theft.