Friday, 25 June 2010

Control und UNcontrol 2

5 Years.

1962 Gave us this. May 8th Pathet Lao forces attack Phoumi Nosavan’s garrison in Nam Tha in northwest Laos. The defenders flee across the Mekong. 15th Kennedy sends 5,000 Marines and 50 jet fighters to Thailand in response to the recent Communist attacks in Laos June 23rd Souvanna Phouma forms a new coalition government in Laos with the neutralists, Pathet Lao and rightists all having seats in the cabinet.

1967 Gave us this. April Australia deploys 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment to join the First Australian Tactical Force for Operations in III Corps.
July It emerges that out of the 464,000 troops in Vietnam, only 50,000 can at present be used for attacking ground operations.

1963 Gave us this. June 4th GVN creates a committee headed by Vice President Tho to resolve the Buddhist dispute. 11th A Buddhist monk, Thich Quang Duc, burns himself to death in protest against the Diem regime. The incident shocks the world. 16th Following negotiations, a joint GVN-Buddhist communique outlines details of a settlement. However, no responsibility for the May 8th incident is affixed and the agreement only papers over the crisis. 17th GVN crushes further Buddhist riots 27th President Kennedy announces that Henry Cabot Lodge will replace Frederick Nolting as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Vietnam (RVN).

1968 Gave us this. 27th May Thailand announces it is to dispatch a further 5,000 troops to Vietnam. 27th June Marines start to withdraw from Khe Sanh. July General Abrams takes over MACV from Westmoreland, who returns to Washington D.C. as the Chief of Staff, U.S. Army.

Dave you know and I know that our troopers are there because USofA corp is your Rock/Roth bitch. Always was and always will be as long as the Beast from Jekyll Island holds sway. What have you been let in on then? Barry is here to cause maximum carnage, in many respects he resembles a 1930s dictator like Adolf. You know Adolf; I believe he may be a distant relative of yours in the Rock/Roth line.

In many ways the lie of the land when viewed through my particular nonlinears is a rerun of the baiting of Germany. From the Great Exhibition until 1945 the plan was to bring them out of their shell and through a process of deadly osmotic knowledge channeling they just about did it for your daddies Dave, didn’t they?

What was the body count Dave? You should know. Go check your grand daddy’s ledgers. Triple entered.

Casting my NVGs on this filthy black scene Dave, I see a process starting June 1950 to bait a China that we will not recognize soon into a similar adventure. The land is emptying and all the people are being brought into the central slaughter houses and most efficient eradication zones called cities.

Now I know Dave this is a much more massive adventure, your family should know they’ve been knee deep out there for ages, however the compression of actuality most probably makes the time frame similar for the task to complete.

So what do you know Dave?


The Bosphorus carriers should be complete by then or thereabouts.

The X37 should be flying free by then.

What don’t you know Dave? Well I know your unknowns to play with a USofA SecDef’s words. You don’t know that the game being played is thousands of years old and like a great arc being struck the two poles are about to be truly brought together again.

China should have integrated the tech handed over by successive USofA corp. Presidents by then. All on The Floating City’s orders and be ready for its social tensions to burst out into the wider world.

And Dave the secret protocols should be ready for activation. You know the ones Dave. The ones that, we, the vulgar don’t get to hear about when the treaties and pacts are signed. Ever noticed how thick those treaty books are? Who gets to print the phekkers? And all we see is our chosen chimp, that’s you Dave, putting their bloodstained hands on a death quill and strike their moniker on a selected page.

Dave which bit of the secret maps did you get a whiff of?

Dave I don’t know if you understand what you are knee deep in but you should be warned that the die was cast long before you got your heart’s desire. The Georgia Guide stones are a reminder of how many of your bloodline there used to be. The number tells us that the autochthonic were a tiny number back then. Your lot thought them to be shit, didn’t you? However in splendidly Darwinian fashion the meek inherited the earth when almost all of your descendents got wiped out. Didn’t they Dave? You are part of the rehabilitation of the project. Globalisation has allowed you all to play the game again. The great big switch is about to be thrown and you think that we don’t know.

Yes we do Dave, and the Cypherman at your shoulder isn’t smart enough to take our eyes of this ball.

We’re watching you Dave; you talk shit and walk crooked. I know what you’ve seen and it is too late Dave. We know and are now shaping our universe.

That Dave is the power of 7 billion minds. Your Lot have been scared of this moment haven’t you?

I love waking to the smell of Burning Naphthene and Palmitic Acid in the morning.

Every day another unknown made known to us.