Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Change? My Errse!!!

I’ll give you change alright!!!!

When do you know that your granny is not your granny? When the MSM tell you she is your granny.

“WTF are you on about now INCOMING!!!!!!!?” I hear you sigh.

Well let’s just scrutinize a few of the things that feature large in our life.

MSM. What is it? Well just a bunch of wage slaves cutting and pasting everyone else’s shit into not so obviously plagiarised shit. The whole process being fed from pipes like Reuters and PA, which in their turn are Information warfare systems coming out of the Military/Industrial/Congressional/RICO complex as Ike would have told us.

So MSM = perfumed ordure conduit into the Herd Attention Space.

Ergo, forget the Jimmy Cagney, Ginger Rogers or Fay Wray, hard bitten truth seeking journo of the B&W 30s movies. Think more incorrigible liar. Think Shameless.

How do you think that Barry Soetoro and his foundation sponsored freak show of a family could get to become POTUS? His granddaddy hung out with Maurice Strong and the Mau Mau. His mummy and her mummy were foundation funny money peddlers and Ford foundation boybitches setting up the centre of ops in the SE Asian Archipelago that will soon feature large in our lives. (Psst… Which US auto manufacturer managed to escape the Commie hug in USofA corp.?) So how does a guy with that pedigree and deep Weather Underground, deep Alinsky and deep Chicago Mob, get horizontal jogging with another foundation, deep Weather Underground operative to form the First Family of USofA corp.?

Well that can only happen, if, when you look over at the comfy seat in the corner where granny watches Neighbours, you don’t see a turncoat imposter sitting there in the big slipper and pink duvet. You most likely know more about the bloodlines of the soap stars and their characterisations than you do about your own family. So what hope in hell have you got in spotting an alien in the top spot in your political system!!

You’ve been successfully fractured and denormalised.

Ever wonder what it felt like to be a peasant in East Germany or Romania or Albania. Ever wonder what it felt like to hear nothing but how great Eric Honecker or Enver Hoxha or Nicolae Ceauşescu were all day every day? Don’t any longer. If you are one of the few awake enough, you know you have that loving feeling right here, right now.

You will also recognise in the way these slobs came to the end of their tenures a distinct whiff of mob about the process. Just like the Boyne, when a Prod Mobster got the keys from a Pape Mobster, don’t believe a word of the legend. It was one mob taking over from their buddies without, in the main, any St Valentine’s Day nonsense to disturb the Herd Attention Space’s bovine tranquillity. Mooo.

In UKplc the artificial lifeform that is the CamCleggOsbfhart, City of London Chimera, hasn’t stopped talking about “CHANGE=destruction=theft” since it’s genetically modified green corpse oozed out of the foundation test tubes a month or so ago.

As you know many predicted that this hung parliament was what the Muppet masters in CoL were after.

It won’t last long. Exposed to the unkind romance that is UKplc having its liberties grasped away by deep cover NOAHide operatives. The natives will get Obstropulopolis, the famous Greek Ballet dancer, and unravel the Ravel that is the unnatural coalition’s DNA

However that is not outside the parameters of the plan. Always keep in mind that the Wombles that put this stuff together spend years strategising, scenario planning, contingency reserving and preparing for opportunity and surprise. Over and over and over again. They have nothing to do all day but be ready to cover all the bases. They don’t do any real work, unlike the rest of us in the HAS.

It needs just long enough to make UKplc forget that someone stole all our wealth over the past decade or so using Fabian Fascist cover and like Stockholm Syndrome victims we will associate with the poor banksters who stole all the money, as the MSM tells us that there is no more money and that we actually stole our own pensions. The pirates in the CoL will have MSM cover going on about the high risks they take to justify their rewards, about how the difficulty of their investment decisions means that there is no guaranteed outcome and how, since it is their money, we’ve no business to stick our noses into their business.

Well there are a couple of points here. One, the machines do it all for them. Two there is no such thing as money.

What we have here is a base of Mob operations that seeks to fleece the punter with real wealth, like those who worked and saved using their life as the engine of wealth creation, by engineering crises at strategic points in the theft cycle. Money is just a representation of that life’s work. Basically CoL has nothing but a machine to steal. It may have been otherwise in the past, but right here right now it is a massive theft engine.

CamCleggOsbfhart are here to take our minds off that uncomfortable fact, schmooze our Stockholm Syndrome and slide the next scheme and scam into place for the CoL pirates to piss champagne and caviar up the wall for another couple of decades. So no CHANGE there then, eh?

Real CHANGE will take some weird aspects here in UKplc. After the farce that was the General Election when nothing that really mattered was placed out in the open for debate, where people who wanted to cast their vote got fucked over, where non existent voters voted and voted again, the prospect of modernising the voting system got a great big high profile MSM boost.

Why? Well it is obvious isn’t it; we need to stop all that jiggery pokerry with a brand spanking new system that will clean up the old sleazy practices. Sorted. Sweet.

Of course no one will mention that what they really want to do is introduce some new modern 21st Century sleazy practices to make sure the result is a for gone conclusion for the Muppet masters.

Hanging chads, hanging clingons more like!!! This is coming to a polling station near you UKplc. One click of the mouse and the election is yours no matter who voted. No CHANGE there then.

The CamCleggOsbfhart is also getting it on strong with the commie food floggers on the Behavioural Economics front. Unlike Maurice Strong’s cousin getting into some primitive Behv. Econ. by starving Kulaks, this lot have to tread more subtly. It all comes down to making you do what they want and offering you no alternatives. A monoculture of no choice. The first stage got the smokers, now the boozers are for it. Some say this is Sharia on the move, which bearing in mind that CoL pirates will be trying to steal Muslim wealth soon by creating Sharia financial instruments, makes sense. However that in itself is just a cover for NOAHide. No choices, just do as you are told, or die. Chop. No CHANGE steady as she goes.

CoL is happy. CoL and Chicago are CCX.

GREEN cycle.

So any change then anywhere?

I don’t know; there is so much change that it has become a continual white noise of disaster from one end of the planet to the other. However since those of us not somnambulant in the HAS are in a permanent state of warfare with the Information Warriors feeding the MSM then it is difficult to see any real change before it gets terminated. This is not surprising since the opposition have an unbroken chain lasting 7000 years to fall back on. They’ve seen it all before. Gold and funny money. Theft and scam.

This is hard to call. Is there anywhere left that has widespread choice for the locals? Is there any where that would benefit from a good dose of unchoice and bloodshed? It would be unsurprising to find that use of nuclear weapons will be seen as the GREEN way of, reluctantly of course, waging war. Again I can hear your brows furrowing.

The lads in charge are clever, clever.

Here’s an example of how good they are. Whilst we were watching the Mob changing the guard in Eastern Europe, plotting to bomb Saddam and wondering what was going on in Tiannenmen Square the Mob was already plotting it’s move this century in Han occupied Urumqi. You don’t hear much about the protests there in 1989 do you? I’ll bet you didn’t even know there had been protests there in 1989 and I’ll bet the Mob was organising them with a view to the middle future.

So in 2010 whilst we’ve been gazing at sunken rigs, executions by piracy and a torpedoed warship the mob have been moving on their mid century plans using MSM cover I’ll wager.


Wherever it is, the driving dynamic, no matter how much chaos is caused, is to reduce choice and kill memory. If you’ve been paying attention to how I view the last big one then you won’t be surprised to learn that although navies, armies and air forces were flung together in massive annihilation the whole shebang can be viewed as a great battle of intellectual property. A war to get our hands on the German mind wealth. You need to check the subtleties of IP rights, who knew that patent law would not be breeched by both sides in a struggle to the death. Funny eh? Makes you wonder about the GREEN IP angle that all those lawyers are hard at work hammering together today. Just where would benefit from a great big GREEN war with no massive manoeuvring fleets burning hydrocarbons?

All envirofriendly fiendish war machines knee deep in Lithium madness and mood adjustment.

Philippines or Malvinas? How’s about a Brazilian Empire in SW Africa?

Now that would be CHANGE again.