Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Raises eyebrow.

I was going to post some bollox about WTF is going on in Pyongyang and how that directly relates to our planned future.

However, if you excuse the pun, I came across this.

I give up!!!!! FFS I hope you all burn in hell. You fucking deserve it.

If you are reading this TPTB I now understand. It is the driving boredom associated with getting the Herd to leave their Attention Space that made you go bad and turn to the dark side.

Your solution to the boredom is to fuck them over, and over, and over. Chucklesome? I’ll say.

I’m fed up standing alone in the light whilst the bovine graze on endless fields of astroturfed soaps. I fancy some smart as a tack company. You know, people, demons, entities that actually know what they are about.

Come and pick me up. I’ll be wearing a red bowler hat and camo'd tutu, Tally Ho Corner 6pm sharpish.

Make it quick I’m anxious to start the new career pronto Tonto!

Slam! That was the closing of the final chapter in the book that was my life so far.

From now on no more Mr Nice Guy, you are all gonna die.