Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Getaway [ADDITIONAL]

Listen very carefully.

In the stillness and deep silence ringing in our misery silo we can just, just about, still hear it. It has long gone but the access to power that it demonstrates means we can still feel the vibes coming through the air into our viscera. That expensively tuned and engineered music, using the finest of materials and the F1 knowhow, the bark of the Getaway Car.

In the 1960s UKplc that would have meant a Jag. In the USofA corp. 1970s perhaps an old police special. Today it is an Alan Greenspan manic mania plutocrat Panhard.

It is the best that extreme wealth can procure, it is driven by the best mechanic in the business and it shows that the mission is complete. All the money has been stolen.

How do I know it exists?

Look at these recent events & pronouncements.


1 trillion bucks to cover the fiasco in Greece.

Election of Barry Soetoro.

UKplc told to educate our own cheeldren because there is no money for schooling.

Massive disasters all round.

Military bananas. ADDITIONAL FYI H/T UrbanSurvivial


These are the signatures of a getaway cover story. They are placed to keep your attention away from the smell of burnt rubber and the sound a massively powerful V8 heading over the border to safety.

We are not going with them.

As Chapman put it on Saturday “It should interest you to know that my Intel source inside the Fed says absolutely no later than November the banking system should implode. Presently 75% of banks have problems and that the top 5 banks will take over all the others in a general nationalization. There is tremendous fear and uneasiness in the banking world.”

That means a Bank Holiday. The destruction of global productive capacity. Perhaps even food shortages.

You, me, everyone. We know who the four men are in that car.

Don’t forget.