Thursday, 13 May 2010

Now I don’t want to get all mizz….

…on you chaps but.

Everyone is getting all worried about the FUKPIIGS . Total exposure in the latest little sleight of hand being described here , though I do not subscribe to all the analysis I'll take the numbers as read.

Now I want to warn you, this drizzle, drivvle and drivel is all about Brown. I hear you cry “Oh FFS sake INCOMING!!!!!!! We’ve just got rid of the phekker, move on, forget it, we have”.

You ain’t getting away with it I’m afraid you have no idea what is coming down the pike.

As I noted last Thursday “Cameron hasn’t had a reality break yet. He’ll get it when he’s summoned and a conversation along the lines of “You are ordered to form a government from the newly elected agents and keep the base of operations from burning. It is OK for Greece and Spain to burn but not here. Get on with it and stop crying. You’ve got all the resources of an oppressive state at hand!”

This is no coalition, these slobs have had the frighteners put on and Brown has scarpered away from the new Ground Zero.

Prodicus has got his abacus out and pushed some balls around. He computes around £45 billions in current drinking vouchers.

Now those of you who know how the magik of fractional reserve banking works will know that you can morph any “real” figure you have into a wonderful necronewromantic multiple.

Here’s where Brown comes into the picture. His big mate Greenspan was gleefully transforming all official statistics and metrics into works of fiction to cover the rabid hyperbolic rate of multiple bunnyrabbit greenback breeding going on in the derivatives and FRB world. So if we take a conservative 100-1 conversion rate Browns £45 billion becomes £4.5 trillion. Woweee that is a lot!!!

Ahh but I’m not finished yet, that’s just the criminal manipulation of the precious metals market taken into account.

Now we start to feed that paper gold into the “real” economy, again we’ll take this conservatively at 100-1 again. Remember they may have been giving mortgages away to tramps in the mid noughties in USofA corp., but we should strive for sensible numbers.

That takes us to £450 trillions.

That is a big number!!!!

Still not finished yet.

Remember that Webster Tarpley has been banging on about Quadrillions in derivatives and other exotic, toxic nonsense entries in the ledger, for years.

Well let us leverage that by the sensible traditional 10-1 fractional bank ratio and we get to the magic numbers £4.5 quadrillion.

So you are asking what has that got to do with the price of KY jelly?

Simples, UKplc may just have removed itself from the international trade system as it all collapses and will have nothing to offer the new commerce when it gets rebuilt.

La Rouche reckons we may go back to the 14th century; check out his speech in 2007 as the crisis broke.

I reckon we could be back in 410AD when the Romans left. Just like then and the UKplc today all the precious metals had been syphoned out of the West.

Hey ho, we did all this with a little help from our friend Brown.

No wonder they didn’t want an election.