Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kim chi Surprise

Ever since Clinton dropped over to take the hostages home last Aug or so, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the traffic in and out of Korea.


Well when you have full spectrum people like Clinton and Kissinger dropping round there you know that the Mob have been sending messages or giving instructions to their goons for something.

So what’s bugging me right here right now.


Korean rig
Korean subs
Korean ship
Korean torpedo
Korean ship
Korean sub
Korean torpedo
US boomer….



You know me I’ll bend space-time to join two dots. However I’ve decided to take the art form into a new dimension of offspinstrangeness. I’m going to create my own dots. Oh yes straight from the aether like Horus.

Everything after this point that is in brackets exists in Lalaland.

The Gulf rig was South Korean Hyundai built, (North Korea sent it’s top espionage Kim chi frogmen on a one way suicide mission from an NK ship that left Havana). The rig is toast. The Gulf is soon to die.

About a month before hand an SK warship sank, blown in half, near the NK/SK demarcation line, in an area festooned with minefields. There was a big Military Exercise being carried out at the time we now find out (and there may have been a US sub sunk.)

OK here we go. Remember the Minot nukes that went missing from the B52? The B52 that was the last ditch effort by the NeoCons to plunge the planet into ruin. Cheney’s last gamble. That was stopped by the USAF chain of command stepping in and doing its job.

OK what if we shouldn’t have breathed a sigh of relief that it was all over? What if ( there was a converted boomer well within cruise missile range of Pyongyang ready to nuke the Dear Leader’s film sets and someone stopped it at the last minute?)

Either way there is something very fucking weird going on with a Kim chi flavour.

Especially when you realise that the Rock/Roth Corporate Entity in South America, home to the largest fresh water aquifer in the world, The Rev Moon’s hideaway and new home to assorted Rock/Roth extended families, is now ready for occupation.

(The international signal that this is so was given by Bigelow.)