Friday, 14 May 2010

The Tension

There is an unmentioned though very obvious schizophrenia at work in our world today. Obvious though not very often realised. Mentioned though not very often discussed. Cognisant though not rationalised. Enacted though not cogent.

Part of the role of MSM, marketing, education and life conditioning is to remove all stimuli that may cause us to reflect on the true nature of our experience.

The tension is ancient and has marked the most advanced civilisations to grace the planet.

What is the source of this tension, this masochism and subsumed discomfort?

It is the theft of life and lives.

A theft that operates at a safe distance. Into that dead space is decanted all the engines and machinery of the scam changing our perception and marketing our attention away from the real and into the imagined. For if we truly experience the fiction as reality how much easier it is to keep us from turning our attention to the evil at work. An evil that we are lead to believe is working on our behalf, so the blame can be placed on a false sponsor if noticed, but is really only using us as it’s unpaid ciphers,

Deep down we know that in order to have our fannies plasticised and our cocks pumped full of collagen somewhere, someone must die. In order to satiate our appetites and slake our thirsts we ignore the piles of dead, stunted lives and shortened life spans. Modernity has morphosed into a long slide into debauchery on a scale never before witnessed in our recorded history. We are complicity anaesthetised. Magically spellbound, held in trance.

Our forefathers who lived in such appalling conditions of workslavery 200 years ago would I feel join the others in seeking our fall. They would identify with the parentless child picking crop on far off foreign fields that they will never eat.

We instinctively know this.

Deep inside our souls the question is asked every time we buy air freighted chillies. How many dead?

Are we traitors?

We have never really bothered to inspect the nature of freedom. We have never bothered to ensure it is universally enjoyed. We have become cosseted epicures and deluded Marie Antoinettes.

In UKplc there has been a muddled and very wise suffusing of this force by an implicit deal being struck between the natives and the pirates based in London City.

Leave us alone and we will not look too deeply into what you are up to from your base of operations. Indeed there have been benefits having this dynamic hub of piracy parked on these shores.

However the weakness in this deal is now showing a deeper malaise within the UKplc political settlement.

Deep down UKplc might not actually care for freedom all that much. It might want to be left alone to go about its business unhindered but that is not the same as caring deep down about freedom. Freedom carries a price borne by the citizen which makes for a poorer life without plastic surgery and human trafficking.

Deep down UKplc covets the life of a Prince. A license to spend unearned money on sweet meats, fine wines and harlots. The life of a King brings too much responsibility. It is too sovereign and difficult.

We inflict upon ourselves and are complicit in The Curse of The Unbroken Chain. There are well rehearsed actors abroad in the world that have based themselves in this lovely little island and set forth to rape the planet. Successfully so from 1700 onwards. If they have left us and set up a new base of ops, and interestingly I now see some commentators who are speculating that that has happened, then UKplc will be getting the Raj job on it finished pronto.

I see no Ghandi on these shores or ever since, we’ve failed miserably over the past 500 years to complete the job of freeing ourselves of the scam. Always getting bought off. What happens if the throne is bankrupt and there is no more loot to buy us off with. All the promises cannot be kept but we must never realise or be allowed to wake.

I know that most of you don’t get the Nam Shub angle I bang on about.

I view the experiential assault we are inflicted with every day as meditated magic. So I’ll give you some proof that this is at work. During any modern political discussion listen carefully to the words and what is being said. They will invariably fail the Turing Test. 95% of people will not notice. No one will awake. The tension will remain subliminal.

That is magic.

That is today.

That is Nam Shub.

Once upon a time, there was no snake, there was no scorpion,
There was no hyena, there was no lion,
There was no wild dog, no wolf,
There was no fear, no terror,
Man had no rival.

In those days, the land Shubur-Hamazi,
Harmony-tongued Sumer, the great land of the me of princeship,
Uri, the land having all that is appropriate,
The land Martu, resting in security,
The whole universe, the people well cared for,
To Enlil in one tongue gave speech.

Then the lord defiant, the prince defiant, the king defiant,
Enki, the lord of abundance, whose commands are trustworthy,
The lord of wisdom, who scans the land,
The leader of the gods,
The lord of Eridu, endowed with wisdom,
Changed the speech in their mouths, put contention into it,
Into the speech of man that had been one.