Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Graveyard Boozers.

Fido inspired the initial remark and the rest is history.

Got some good Bowtime in over the Bank Holiday w/e with a mukka and happened to remark, with Fido’s little piece in mind, that I’d seen another boarded up boozer down near the Tesco’s express petrol station in New Barnet. One more nail in the coffin of Britishness. Well says me mukka do you remember how the old crossing looked where the North Circular met the Great North Road roughly half way between East Finchley and North Finchley, down by the old TA centre and the Lido. At this point we got sidetracked onto the subject of Barnet council and it’s thievery regarding what was promised in return for the destruction of the Lido and what we actually got after the deals were done. Kind like the case of Totteridge & Whetstone Library! Anyway after a suitable period of harrumphing and parking some more zider we got back to the junction. Yes says I, I remember the SAAB garage was there. However it took them a little while to redevelop the junction. Even longer than the next junction up which was the roundabout where East End Road crossed the NC. There was a boozer there which is long gone. Aha says me mukka it’s the boozers that caused the problems. I raised an eyebrow and popped another Bow. Cue the history lesson.

The SAAB garage went but the boozer at that junction became a Graveyard Boozer. Isolated in the redevelopment as the carriageways for the new junction were snaked round the site. So a boozer was left standing alone after everything else had been torn down? says I. That explains the light I burped. During the period after the new junction was sorted I would take the 263 bus up to Barnet and in the winter on the way back there would be a lone light glowing in the dark where a cluster of buildings awaited demolition I thought. That was the graveyard boozer says my chum. He went in there once and the landlord reckoned he got five drinkers a week but they tended not to stay for more than one pint once they realised where they were! AND my zider swilling chum said; it is back. Someone has opened it up again stuck on an island surrounded by traffic!!!! You can’t just kill a licensed house you know he said. Once a boozer always a boozer.

What do you mean? I said by raising the other eye brow. Do you know The Rising Sun on Marsh Lane he says? That was shut down centuries ago because the landlord there was suspected of being involved in smuggling. Well the Great North Road isn’t far off says I, highwaymen and all that. Yes. However the son insisted that it was his right to serve drinks from the premises even if his old man was a bit naughty. The authorities compromised and for a while the booze was served through a hatch to the public. Then after a while it reverted back to a fully fledged boozer. Oh says I.

Do you know why it is so difficult to wipe a public house off the map? By this time my eyebrows were dancing around like a batman bringing Hellcats onto a carrier deck in a hurricane!!!

A public house is a fundamental part of the security of the realm!!!

That did it. I needed something stronger to calm the gyrating eye hair so I downed the Bow and popped open a little number I came across in ALDI. Thatchers Katy, right on the line between yumyum and electric soup.

So back to the history. Licensed premises are places of refuge and sanctuary for the traveller and are therefore part of the governance, public administration and fundamental fabric of our, English, society. You cannot simply bulldoze the things says my mukka. Now that got the memory going. I remember the Gorbals in Glasgow when I was little and travelling through on the bus, always seeming to have islands of some sort in the cleared areas. The pubs. Same for Scotland then pipes up yours truly. Gotta be.

Fido says 3530 pubs have been hammered since the Fabianstapo got into power quips I. That’s a hell of an attack on the fabric of the nation. In fact that is a lot of political and legal horsepower being deployed against that one feature of our daily lives.

Someone somewhere is digging deep into the political foundations of the nation and tampering with it. Who’s getting the empty boozers then? Who gets control of the land and what have they planned?

In a land that has imported racists, misogynists, religious nutters, people traffickers, child slavers, whoremasters, terrorists, supremacists, thief gang masters, economic rent seekers, medical tourists, midwifery plunderers and inhabitants from the stone age isn’t the fate of boozers a bit, well, unimportant.?

No; this issue shows that there is a force in the deep politics of this country that seeks to change us without consent into something we do not want to be dished. Somehow we’ve been disenfranchised by other means.

When was the last time you had someone in your family handed a business and 35 grand? Never in mine. All we’ve had is money taken as taxes and a financial system that swindled us. Want to see some people who have been so honoured? Head down to Hornsey the streets are paved with them. It was a Turkish guy who tipped me off, he cannot stand the PKK understandably.

Which got us to my mate’s current MP, Villiers. I’m just over the border in Vis’ old knocking shop. Philip Clayton is the independent contesting Villiers in Chipping Barnet and will be getting my chum’s vote. Clayton’s fed up with the current incumbent trougher. If nothing else says my mate we’ll try and save Philip’s deposit. He’d get my vote as well if I was voting in Chipping Barnet, but in my neck of the woods Finchley and Golders Green UKIP’s Susan Cummins will be getting the X since I’ve got no independent.

The Greens are skulking in the three Barnet constituencies as well. As you know I made it quite clear way back last summer that none of the three main parties were getting any of my time since they are just foundation bitchboy play things. Any policy that makes you dependent or a vassal of the state like Cameron’s Alinskyist tendencies need to be torpedoed on sight. The Greens are just a great big communist front full of fascists.

Greens, Soetoro, Cameron, AGW, Alinsky, EU, Mandelbrot Set they are all trying to make us poor and dependent through fraudulent representations. They are, not to put too fine a point on it, fronting for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organisations. They do not want you to better yourself. They look forward to Oligarchy and perpetual slavery and dependence for the other 99.999999% of humanity.

They hate anyone standing up to them and saying “Fuck off, you are talking bollox!”

You know what’s coming.

That is NOAHide. I don’t want some stone age delusional belief system foisted on me by a bunch of religious nutters and their screaming gangster front men.


More bollox later.