Monday, 17 May 2010

Horse Shit

Go on look at the shit on the roads.

Just like the shit on the Ausfahrt.

“Then, hastily, they made the barrow, posting sentinels all round, in case the bronze-clad Achaeans should attack before the time agreed. When they had piled up the mound, they went back into Troy, foregathering again, and enjoyed a splendid banquet in the palace of King Priam, nursling of Zeus.

Such were the funeral rites of Hector, tamer of horses.”


Tamer of horses.

Interesting that nothing has changed.

Just like ancient heroes the common objective is to get your name remembered for ever. In any object, fad, ism or killing dream.

Why is that?

So primitive.

Hector wouldn’t understand us.

We wouldn’t understand him.

Why is that?