Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Phukkin’ A

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It seems likely that the Russian Navy did force ten captured Somali pirates to ‘walk the plank’.
Russia says freed pirates didn’t reach land

MOSCOW — A Russian official claimed Tuesday that 10 pirates seized by Russian special forces aboard an oil tanker last week were quickly freed but then died on their way back to the Somali coast.

The unidentified high-ranking Defense Ministry official did not elaborate on how the pirates died, deepening a mystery that has prompted speculation the pirates were executed by commandos who had freed a Russian oil tanker seized in waters 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of Somalia’s coast.

The official told Russian news agencies the pirates’ boat disappeared from Russian radar about an hour after their release.

“They could not reach the coast and, apparently, have all died,” the official said.”

H/T New Wars

Wake the Phekk up UKplc the days of careless freedom are gone. Our enemies are within the walls. They seek to kill any and all criticism of their sophistry and cryptic theft.

Go Spetsnaz go. Show the way it should be done.


Heads up.