Sunday, 23 May 2010

BOGS life.

Beyond Organised & Government Systems

I.e. you are exposed to RICRO.

Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Rabidbeleif Organisations

What used to be called religion, and deep in the secret schools still is.

You are on your own.

No money?

There never was any money.

Got that?

No debts.

No profits.

No accounting.

No reckoning.

Just conning.

Render unto Caesar

If you could be bothered running through that shit you might realise that someone had got wind of the ancient temple scam.

There are no debts. There is no money.

There is an unbroken chain.

The question we should be asking is not why the chain is round our necks.

The question is.

“Why after thousands of years of clearly demonstrable fiction are we still afflicted?”

Don’t worry someone will come up beside you in your deep distress and whisper in your ear.

“Come with me.”

Affliction beckons.