Thursday, 20 May 2010

USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter

If you’ve ever wandered around the Exopolitics bollox then you’ll have come across an old pony tailed bloke giving us a swaatch at what Gary McKinnon saw when he thundered into NASA’s Lalaland.

Now the time I’ve spent there has led me to two conclusions about the people who inhabit this sphere of Helium Hallucon.

1. The Brits are usually spybums freeloading from the free mealers.

2. The Yanks are usually phantiscists who never got out of role playing, roll playing and never needed to worry about feeding their fat faces.

The whole lot is usually nothing more than a load of crispy bedsheeting.

So GMcK is fitted up for deportation to the rendition centre where he will be processed into assorted flavours of meat based products.

What is GMcK?

Not valuable to UKplc. That’s what. He’s not part of the business plan. He’s been erased from his cell in the great big universal spreadsheet.

Subrosa and DL heave these into view over the past couple of days.

As I remarked at DL’s this is continuity of government at work, no change even though the administration of the country is supposed to have been replaced by the new bitchboys.

What does this tell us when juxtaposed with GMcK?

Someone fits in very well with the business plan within which UKplc has been integrated. Bearing in mind what I mentioned last year about war making being part of that business plan then we have a little indication of where there is going to be big trouble.

It is not rocket science. Where ever UKplc has recent immigrants from then you can be sure it will be burning from end to end soon enough.

Go on have a look.