Thursday, 6 May 2010

Normal Service will not……

… resuming @ any time.

Clegg has got his new minders and his ChiComm loving controller broke cover from secret networking with like minded intellectual property thieves and housework.

Brown has been shown the figures, you know the figures that Gehlen and Müller would have delivered in a different age. The secret agent reports on just what the proles really think at home and what the impressed slave labour gangs in the East are really up to.

Cameron hasn’t had a reality break yet. He’ll get it when he’s summoned and a conversation along the lines of “You are ordered to form a government from the newly elected agents and keep the base of operations from burning. It is OK for Greece and Spain to burn but not here. Get on with it and stop crying. You’ve got all the resources of an oppressive state at hand!”

As I said we know what is what and we’ll be getting nothing from the MSM court jesters.

One of the interesting things to be revealed from the UK blogging world’s approach to the election is that it is now obvious who our Alex Jones’ are. You know; the guys that are garnering street cred in Ausfahrt 1.0 in order to be the main establishment conduits in Ausfahrt 2.0. Our knew controlled cyber jesters. Very soon.

So let’s get back to business.

H/T ZGR for this on the Gulf drilling disaster . Note the clever obfuscation.

So what are Goldman Sucks doing right now with the insider info Gehlen and Müller have delivered to the Brown Bunker?

Make sure you’ve put a big fat X somewhere today.

No stopping us now.

Once more unto the breach…..