Friday, 7 May 2010

The deed was done.

I put a big phatt X in the UKIP box. The Independent over the border in Chipping Barnet, despite our best efforts at personal lobbying, didn’t save deposit. And now it is off into Lalaland.

Gordon Brown, unluckiest sapp in Christendom, is currently experiencing the final few moments of being toyed with by The Mandelbrot Set. The Agents of Rothschild. Who in turn are The Servants of the Black Angel.

What that means for us I outlined 6 months ago.

They’ve got the message and hundreds of real Manchurian candidates will be in place ready to cause chaos by defections, adhoc grouping, shadow parties, contingent alliances, religious nutters and utter nonsense. The two party system will be cast aside and nothing will ever get done ever again.

The real killer app. hidden in the reform of parliament, that must surely come after the fiasco that was our Haitian style polling methods, will be government funding for political parties and their campaigns.

This has two objectives.

1. Cement any new alliances cobbled into place de facto, using public funds
2. Kill any independent dynamics in our body politic.

Quite simply if your views are not approved you get no representation. That leaves the approval system wide open to RICO.

No I’m wrong there, the system will be set up by RICO.


Heads up.