Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mission Critical

Since INCOMING!!!!!!! is out on operations The Stoker has taken over the shop.

Hopefully temporarily.

Those of you who frequent Spidey’s place will know that last night a crack team of Time Commandos set off on a mission of global importance. If Gordon Brown could not be prised from No10 then a one way mission to remove him from time needed to be carried out.

It is not well known, but there is a Stargate in the top snug Talley Ho boozer, North Finchley.

The volunteer team comprised Fiercely Friendly, Mad Irishwoman and Strangely Attractive led by INCOMING!!!!!!! and set off from the Tally Ho North Finchley heading for the Scottish central belt in1950.

The last thing I saw was INCOMING!!!!!!!’s big pink bum disappearing into the ether. Not a pretty sight I’ll say.

Anyway the best of British to them all, brave men and women showing true blue.

Latest info from Wednesday 12th May 2010 is that The Mandelbrot Set most likely sent the Millibot back to intercept them. That means somewhere near Glasgow in early 1950 there is one hell of a fireworks display.

Now those of you reading that badly imagined fiction above might wonder WTF? Well that’s what we have in UK plc. Badly scripted fiction. Just like the crap turning up on some the outlets here on the Ausfahrt 1.0 that cannot see further than The Daily Mail. Getting themselves ready for the jump to Ausfahrt 2.0. Synching with the Star Chamber predictive programming that every programme on TeeVee consists of. From pleading for your life in beyond hope farter to groompimping underage cheeldren on west end proto musicals. Look at it. It is a Dunblane spunkfesters wet dream for fuck sake!!!

We are supposed to believe that having cast our votes in a rigged election we are now experiencing normality. The useless fuck occupying No10, a patsy for forces he doesn’t know exist, is trying to stay in power like some banana republic spunk junky.

Meanwhile the spawn of European commie bastards are working to put the full foundation bitchboy rainbow coalition into play.

One of them is hunting our heroes down in Cowcaddens in 1950.

These fools, their MSM compadres, their Euro masters and the Ausfahrt 2.0 hopefuls are tasked with discrediting every institution we have. Just like Russia a century ago was gutted from the inside before the New York money paid their psychopathic front men to start the holocaust of the Russian and Ukranian peasants.

We are supposed to believe that this situation which was sooo obviously being orchestrated years out is normal. A total fuckwittery and deliberate mockery of us.

This is change. I told you change=destruction. The young are lost to reality. They live in a twitter und tweeter angst of nihilism. They know nothing, cannot express any idea and are silenced no matter how much noise they make. Babylon und bible.

At this rate I feel a second team will need assembling at the Tally Ho to take out Salmond before birth.

Once that’s completed it is off into Zentral Europe to go bitchboy hunting.

Love, kisses and go fuck yourselves.

The Stoker.