Monday, 17 May 2010

9 years out and closing.

I detailed what I reckoned went down in groove town on 11/09/2001 in the Pantechnikon series of mindburps.

Instictively back in 2001 I knew that there was only two ways of going about resolving the questions raised that day. For I knew I’d been preprogrammed to respond to certain cues in the MSM official legend.

One was to stand way back and look at the event in its socio/psycho objectives and its occultic significance.

The second was to get right in there and work out how it was done. Note this is not the same as with what it was done. Once you look at the very simple signatures of the event the process used is clear and totally at variance with the official legend. That itself is a reassuring signal.

Everything else in between is a distraction designed to suck the unwary into the enemy prepared positions. See

Understanding Information Age Warfare
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Last night as I wandered through one of my fave blogs I came across this from a guy I didn’t know existed. Simple clear thinking indeed. RIP.

9 years out and closing. Oh yes if you don’t see the continuity of planning involved in this unending series of crises we are subject to, you are going to have a stupid look on your face when BOGSlife strikes.

Whenever you step out of your door and there is a clear blue sky overhead just remember that this is how it all starts to close.