Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Crappier Crapper on the WikiWiiWorld?

The most advanced shithouse on the planet or the most retarded of the advanced nations. You decide. After the past week either epithet will fit I think.

So whilst the agents of destruction continue to turn UKplc and most of what used to be the first world into a series of gated communities set within a sea of Bantus let’s get back to what is really going down in groove town.

The Tories have got Sigourney Weaver’s little chum stuck in their guts and they don’t even know it.

Give it 18 months, 2 years.

Then there will be a sudden coming together of TwitMarxianii TwatTrotskyismistii TweetCommii Anallyretardii Euroluvvii in the centre spouting the most ridiculously rabid rubbish disguised as scientific truth to the most dumbed down predictively programmed peer reviewed bunch of WikiWiiWorld tossers ever reassembled...

Bye bye Labour, Bye bye Tories, hello shithouse.

The rejects are not going to hang around on the opposition benches of the Mother of all Parliaments now that she’s been turned into a haggard third world disease ridden old crone with dry dugs. Despite the monoculared ravings yesterday about how phekking wonderful it is here, though with challenges, they know that a country that cannot afford to salt its roads and keep its old from freezing during winter has been well and truly reamed up the shitter big time.

These clowns find the platform of UKplc too limited for their massive egos. I mean once you’ve hung out with our Hillary what can the opposition benches offer a lad with a tidy Barnet.


Watch this lot. Top censors and purveyors of fuckwittery disguised as progress and fairness.

The Mandelbrot Set

Milliibot & Milliibot, Lord Adonis, Lord Stern, Iivette Coopers

Where are they going now?

All of these shape shifting lying clowns and their buddies need a close watching.

They’ve not been turfed out? Oh no!!

They’ve been given their next mission.

What is that mission?

This should give a little clue I think.

Not content with shitting on us they intend burying us in Rock/Roth's great green graveyard of the undead.

Well lads I’ve got a message for you.

You can go and right royally fuck yourselves with a rolled up Nitromore lubed copy of Hansard!!

Whatever you suggest it is going to be a big fat fuck off from us from now on.