Tuesday, 11 May 2010


As I wandered through SR’s shop OR rattled a couple of brain cells. So I fired off the main part of what’s to follow here. You know me, two dots and there must be a crooked line joining them.

Somehow I just don’t see a single red cent of Falklands oil wealth coming anywhere near UKplc. Where do you think we live? Norway?

Perhaps through London City IF it is lucky.

British Nationality Act removes British nationality from any Falkland Islander who does not have a parent or grandparent born in Britain. Falkland Islands Government protest to British Parliament over sovereignty negotiations. British Parliament reaffirms 'paramountcy' of Islanders' wishes. Argentina protests to UN over lack of progress on sovereignty dispute. [1]

From around 2002

From Feb 2010

As mentioned earlier “Back in 1942 Argentine special envoy Goyeneche met Ribbentrop. Specifically at Ribbentrop’s estate in Westfalen on November 30th 1942. Goyeneche is looking for support for a forthcoming nationalist coup in Argentina. However the really interesting thing that Ribbentrop says is that keeping the USofA out of the Malvinas question is paramount for Argentina….

The 2002 source mentions an Exxon exploratory well in 1981, no further details given. There is also an interesting ref to the Falkland’s oil being geologically part of South Africa.

Anyway no mention is given in the prior art, due diligence, what ever you want to call it in the 2010 prospectus of the 1981 Exxon activity.

Nor of the reputed geological survey that landed on a desk somewhere in London in 1981 showing that projected oil reserves down Falklands way being significantly greater, by an order of magnitude?, than the Middle East.

So who’s in line for the revenue streams then?

My guess is that once there is no more RN or RAF, never mind spare USN capacity, someone operating out of SA or Argentina will be fronting for a bunch of lads mentioned in the 2010 prospectus operating themselves from their old homeboy turf in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Those of you who know what’s what here will have seen the $100 dollar per barrel figure bandied around since Vialls penned the first speculation on just what was what re Falkland’s oil.

Mexican Gulf incident and the killing off of US of A off shore drilling? Iraqi oil production culled?

Well just to make sure we are all clear on that. Those 100 bucks per barrel is for people with real moneee. Not credits, pension, child, disability or otherwise. Real MONEE from real work trading real things with other real people. No one who’s a serf is going to get anywhere near that oil.

Indian middle class, hundreds of millions of them. ChiComm middle class hundreds of millions of them.

What about UK middle class? Ooops.

Whatever will be left of UKplc needs the Green Ponzi Scheme to kick in. Ironic innit’? 13 years of commie profligacy just to give us an offer we cannot refuse.

That is Racketeering and Corruptly Influenced Organisations for you.

HMG=Gangsters’ Molls.