Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Graveyard Boozers (cont.)

Once the choice of voting on May 6th were sorted it was time to look at a couple of the storm warnings out there. The things that party leadership debates were masking. Over cloaked and hidden from view...

So more zider was poured.

The first item and the issue that will decide all other considerations is that UKplc has blown the next generation killer fiat app. in the next Ponzi Scheme.

It is clear for all to see that UKplc cannot pay its way in the world and cannot service its debt. How can a nation of call centre staff and shelf stackers generate enough surpluses to service a Trillion quid debt? Even before massive devaluation. The wheels have fallen off the pony show. Someone, the ChiComms, came over to Copenhagen and stole the new Ponzi app. for themselves. We are not getting in on the Green scam as planned. Whatever remains to be administered in the AWG regional office in Londonistan will be crumbs from the table.

It was no accident that just when the ordinary person in UKplc got to sit at the big table that TPTB sold off the means of doing so. Every real job will be gone soon. Just list the industries that have been trashed to make sure we are unable to pay our way.

I’d run out of the Thatchers Katy so it was onto the Magners.

Fisheries, gone. Civil aerospace, gone. Automotive, gone. Industrial and commercial electronics, gone and on and on and on….. All gone. Not because we were expensive, or stupid or lazy, but because we got too uppity and the word went out to hammer us back into our assigned places through poverty.

You can be sure that on May 7th a quiet audience will be held and the Rock/Roth bitchboys will be given their instructions. Brown will be long gone to work for charity he says. Oh yeah like the Carbon Disclosure Project, a charity registered in London with 50 trillions or so under management, that you and Balls set up Gordon.

The Mandelbrot Set, Cameron and Clegg will have their cards marked all right and it will be made quite clear that they’ve got to keep the lid on the cauldron. That’s what they’ve been paid to do, they’ve got the best propaganda resources and instructions along the lines of this will be given.

1. Sell off everything not already flogged off.
2. Reduce UK armed forces to ceremonial level
3. Public provision of anything to be halted
4. Release all regions from central government control
5. Secure the London base of operations
6. Transfer any overhead to EU.
7. No retirement for anyone ever.

Think I’m joking.

Londonistan has imported the raw material that it believes it needs to jiggle its way through the next half century. If you don’t believe me take a wander in the area bounded by the M25. All the races of the world are present and will provide the funny money machine with the operatives needed as the world gets wealthier out with the West. It has cast a magical spell over the peasants and transferred the imaginary debt to us living beings whilst the faith based construct of it’s corporate body skips off without a care in the world.

We are already being groomed. Cameron wants to let local people set up their own schools, oh yeah I’ll believe that. No what Cameron has been told is that there will be no money and London is not interested in educating the proles any more since the threat from rival states and philosophies has been seen off. Basically it is; “Here have the schools teach yourselves, scum.” Education is no longer about teaching. Children are a captive market at which is flogged services that a real schooling system would automatically provide as part of its core curriculum.

Once the election is over all armed forces will be handed over to European Command, bye-bye RAF, RN and the thin red line. The real danger to our forces in Afnamistan is a disaster that effectively culls any awkward resistance from serving personnel. Don’t put that past these evil fuckers, pawns get sacrificed for their great project.

NHS? Forget it. Soviet style production line clinics are the best we’ll get. The London hospitals will be on the usual gravy train though. My zider swilling chum recently experienced a really famous London hospital when his son needed surgery. Once admitted he was astounded to find that his son was the only English speaker on the ward. The rest of the beds were dominated by Saudi surgery tourists claiming to be family of UK residents!!! We’ll never notice when these beds are gone because we never had access to them in the first place.

If you expect to be travelling far forget it. One of the aims of road rationing is to keep scum out of London City M25. Slowly but surely travel restrictions will make people give up. Behavioural economics will nudge us gentle in that direction without our noticing. That is part of the volcano crap we are getting right now. Petrol at 2 quid a litre will do the rest.

Finally as the zider really kicked in and wore our ability to function coherently we came to the inevitable Secret protocols hidden from the children. All treaties have this stuff and you can be sure that it won’t be anything to do with Baroness Ashton giving Nigel Farage a blowjob if the Euro implodes. Oh no this will be something that involves handing over real stuff to people with Monee. Falklands? Diego Garcia? Don’t laugh this is how it really works, just go read some history.

It will be interesting to watch Londonistan detach itself from the rest of UKplc. The betrayal will be felt quite deeply by some. It isn’t a process of independence for parts of the UKplc. It is the rest of UKplc being told to GTF. You aren’t needed anymore. What we’ve got here is a multiculti Singapore being revealed. All the champagne and caviar will be reserved for it. All the freedom to travel, all the culture and shit art events just for them.

For those who don’t fit in, the poor, the young and the rest of UKplc it will be corporate chain gangs in a fascist NOAHide nightmare where selling your children is the norm in 2020.

This battle is not rhetorical, theological, logical, political, financial or moral. It is spiritual.

I’m afraid we may have been disarmed.