Wednesday, 19 May 2010

3 Flavours of Unreality.

I listened at the funny Farm last night to Kerry Cassidy and the SouperTrooper getting canned, no surprise. I looked forward to the second segment about Fulford. Which I just knew had to be a classic. So this morning it has been posted.

Here’s a little bit of background.

Maybank Singapore

Barry Soetoro

When Little Timmy Geithner and Barry played in the sandplaypits of Indonesia.

You want the first 54 minutes of the second session.

When three Flavours of Unreality meet?

Well the fruitiest of reality cocktails is spun out like The Large Hadron Collider farting special particles all over the mulitverse..

Tin Foil Hats on. Engage Unreality Drive. Punch it……

When Rense, Fulford and iON collided.