Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Formosa calling & Deranged Arsebarkers on Heat.

Back to my favourite unvisited Isle.

It’s actually not just the economy, stupid


Oh yes don’t expect anyone to be turning up to stop the bad guys now that we are in a post-democratic age.

I also found this an intriguing post from MT’s place about dual loyalty in the China trade . Cheer up Mike we’ve been dealing with that for centuries. Just ask David (Moses’ seed) Cameron.

Oh BTW. Has anyone cottoned on to the fact that the Lillibandfan, commie bitchboy catamenial failures, are proceeding apace with their alternate mission plan to smash the Labour party to pieces, ensure maximum bloodshed and usher in the age of rabid belief systems to UKplc?

Just as I‘ve been warning about. Look at the menagerie of token fuckedwitz, brain-dead inhabited carbon based life forms and unsexedpuppyfuckers that have turned up to show that diversity is about to lead to pyrrhic-adversity and caustic-love.

What else do you expect from COMITERN spawn? They love watching countries burn. It is all they’ve ever done. Keep an eye on the Tampon Bros., when they and their families get their passports checked at Heathrow and they fuck of to stir trouble elsewhere, that’s when UK will catch fire.

Hey ho I told you so.