Thursday, 20 May 2010

Assault Mascot masks Murder for Hire.

DL said it better than “eye” ever could. (Sorry couldn’t resist that.)

This is just part of the great big “Turn everything in the public space into eye crap” and “Take a shed load of cash for doing nothing really” by a bunch of “Frankfurt schooled fuckedwitz”.

If one takes a good clean spy glass and casts it over the “Art” that has been so expensively procured by the public, sponsored by “CHARIDEE” or promoted through the mind synchsinks of the auction rooms this past century you cannot but come to any other conclusion that the sponsorship of a vast crime against the human spirit has been at work with the objective of making us blind.

Over at my other speculative shop I noted that the likely place to find the descendents of the priesthood sponsoring the sacred trade of the ancients was, today, in such places as the Doha trade rounds and their ilk. I reckon that part of their degenerate descendents, strut the artworld and creatives' invertedpervertedverse and is pushing this shit into the Herd Attention Space today.

Take a good look. Their realisation in 3D is crap just like their art was shit in the 8th Century BC. Back then their imagery was primitive and their conceptual genius was absent; just like today.

Utternutterudderotherotter sleeseypheekal arsebark.

The concept of “Creatives” in our society is diseased pollen in the wind. Generating in our deep soil to strangle our own artistic roots. We will have to stop and look very hard at just what every second of everyday consists of since every part of our lives is infected with a virulent all consuming self serving toxic void.

And this is all before you get into the deep spiritual and occult bent which really drives this agenda.

If you don’t get the connection between Goldman Sucks and this deliberate assault then you are lost to humanity.