Sunday, 16 May 2010

From the No Shit Sherlock Dept.

Oy!!! You muppets in Westminster wake up. They might be ChiComm slavers but they’ve got some effective ways of dealing with bent politicos and officials that I’d like to see us adopt. Chinese officials told to be uncorrupt, people-oriented

I thought the rubber that was going to be needed keeping an eye on were the bullets and necklaces. Nope it is not. Check the phekkers pass ports. Anyone coming back from the world cup with an STD shouldn’t get treated on the NHS. 40,000 prostitutes heading for the World Cup

This is a bit like having Jack the Ripper congratulate you on your manicure and pedicure skills. China congratulates Philippines over general elections That's the First Island Defensive Chain under attack for definite.

Too late for us to take notice but the China-Arab Cooperation Forum sounds like a Roth front to siphon money out of ChiCommland once the West is totally bankrupted. Those camel jockies won’t be begging on the streets or having their homes repossessed. Unlike the voters here once Osborne has checked out the damage to the good ship UKplc. Here’s a clue Osborne, we’re dead in the water, we’re hogging and some Fabian scum has flogged the engine room off for scrap. Chinese premier warns of complications of financial crisis

Hey ho. At least we’ve got the final of Dorothy to take our minds off real life. Ehh?