Friday, 21 May 2010

Some Bands

When the world was young and I wasn’t a fractal wordshite. Some things made sense.

You could see the No1s coming into view on the playlists and hear the melancholy on Jimmy Saville’s old geezers club. Dirty phekker.

However as long as I remain entrapped in the hell whole that is all encompassing gravity bound, I will never understand why these lads cracked up just as they were about to become mighty.

Not just once but twice. Fer phekks sake!!!!!

It was a toss up between Wednesday Week and this beauty. Enjoy.

Then again I could have chosen so, so many. A Woman in Winter, Working For the Yankie Dollar or Into the Valley. I give you this. Says it all.

The music comes early this week because all is about to become dark.

An evil place beckons and into it we will wander.

However before that a last supp on the ladle. Have another great swell. A libation to the great box woods perhaps, either way I smell fire and recasting.