Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Graveyard Boozers (yes even more) or Mad Cow Disease

As I’ve mentioned before we live in an Attention Economy. It is post industrial, post democratic, post informational, it is posted and certainly post traumatic.

We inhabit a clearly defined Herd Attention Space which is patrolled and guarded for our own good. As my mate and I met up for another Bowtime the next evening we mused on a little something that Fausty had put up last week and had caused me to comment on at her shop. You see we’ve got access to cheap, fantastic hens eggs from a farmer, very far away, who was taken into the dark places by the big supermarkets. Typical gangster ploy to get you dependent on them and them fuck you over. However the farmer told Commie Grocers to GTF even though he would take a financial hit and when Dairy Stasi came back asking him to reconsider told them to GTF again.

One of the interesting titbits from this Bowtime gassing was that free range eggs are not a state of nature for the hens it is a theoretical state of chicken mind. If you saw Jamie and Hugh getting knee deep in chicken shit a little while back you’ll know what battery looks like. So in order to throw the dumbass public a curved ball there are some non battery labels which are meant to make us feel better when purchasing our hens eggs. Clever little Commie Grocers though know that the hens which have a theoretical green space to run around in are couped up just like battery because a big cockerel is parked right at the exit to the miniscule green space. No one gets out, though their labelling is much more reassuring to us. That’s the Chicken Attention Space.

The Herd Attention Space is much more complex though the end result is the same.

Now what happens if the farmer in charge decides to stop it? What comes after the Attention Economy?

OK then let us try and define the Attention Economy. I first mentioned this a while back when describing a conversation I had well over 15 years ago now whilst doing some research on the subject of the Knowledge/Information Economy.

I was chatting with an American bloke with whom I’d corresponded off and on for a little while about mutual research interests. I remember as we sank our last beer he said to me that we did not live in a knowledge economy, or an information society, we never would. What we lived was the Attention Economy. Then he got on his Harley. I think shortly after returned to the USofA.

So that’s the Attention Economy. You know the thing we are parked in the middle of now full of thick fucks that cannot command the Queen’s English!!! Characterised by slavery predictive programming through the commissioning of controllers slipped into our living rooms all over the world in High Definition. An Economy crashing down under the weight of its own ridiculous presumptions. A disaster.

A place where anyone daring to talk sense is lampooned and anyone talking crap is lionised.

I don’t want to depress too much but the herd are not going to help. If you can get a load of mutts to electrocute an unknown, see Derren Brown, then you really must not set your expectations of mankind too high. Remember Barry Soetoros’ bestest chums in the Weather Underground want(ed) to kill 25 million white Americans. Now that is racist.

You see racism and any other ism is the past time of the idle rich supremacists who want to get rid of us all. What did the Greek Nazi say about coming back as a virus to wipe out the proles? His son swans around Davos representing British business. No one asks why royalty must do this? Why not a dustman’s daughter from Salford? I’ll tell you why because if she turned up at Davos all the other supremacists would shun her and sent a swift note up the secret grape vine to Buck Palace making it quite clear that proles, especially white trash, were not welcome. Bloodlines only need apply. What do you think Bloodline Bilderbergers are up to? Planning improved sanitation for the poor? Nah, laundering money through whatever fronts they can cobble together in any part of the world.

So you, yes you, the individual finds yourself in a chicken coupe with a big Cock standing at the only way out. What to do? Well fuckwitz at the exit is too thick and inbred to notice that his training isn’t up to it anymore. He may have graduated from the Mandelbrot School of Wizardry a while back with Magna cum Laude when his House master helped him graduate with a 4000W Black and Decker mounted Golden Hammer Dildo but he’s been shuvved so full of shit he doesn’t realise the coupe is rotted and the fence is down. The Herd Attention Space has fractured into 7 billion shards of light.


We know that their money doesn’t exist. We know that their religions are a farce, we know their politicos are phantasy, we know their supremacism is narcissism. We know that all the things they tell us we are to be brought to heal for are the signature of their behaviour.

We know that they cannot hold the show together any longer.

Every one of us, every day, on every occasion with everyone we meet make sure we do, say, write or demonstrate how false their prospectus for us is.

Do not pass up an opportunity to spread the word. We know. Just start saying it.

Subtly without malice. Truthfully and gently.

Remember we all suffer from a great trauma.

Heads up.