Saturday, 8 May 2010

Don’t want to disabuse you, you useless fool…but

“Aircraft carriers are safe”

Even, and that’s a big even, if they get launched just a few points.

1. We cannot afford any aircraft that will most likely get canned anyway a la A12 of twenty years ago, when we were relatively rich.
2. Where are you going to get the crews from? The Services' personnel are rightly pissed off and will offski pronto once you’ve set up an altar to Baphomet to make sure you’ve ticked all the diversity and inclusivity boxes. In fact by the time you’ve finished, assuming they ever get launched, fitting out all the shrines, oracles and sacrificial Dias’ that your inclusivity targets will demand, and made them H&S compliant, there will be no room on the hangar decks for the birds anyway!!!
3. Assuming they get launched and you can squeeze some mission specific kit on board, they are not going anywhere. We cannot afford to fuel them, hulls or birds, by then because the Pound Sterling/Euro will only be acceptable as barter in the autochthonous tribal areas, Bantus, then inhabiting these islands.
4. If they get launched and if there is space for kit and if you can squeeze some fuel from dead donkey carcasses, oh and you can cobble together the world’s most weirdly diverse crew of matey transgendered matelotes then the effectiveness of the whole shebang will be zero because they won’t have any training in weaponry, just filling in forms
5. Phew…. yada yada… as above…. There won’t be anything left to fight over.


Well the ChiComms with their brand spanking new fleet of Mil Spec battleships and 6th Gen UAVs with highly trained, regularly exercised, homogeneous crews, non PC, in fact you’ll see just how non PC they are when they lead pill anyone in sight, mind you that is egalitarian, with specific objectives instead of the fucking around covering drug running and crypto homicidal objectives, will have taken the lot.

Just a thought Penny.