Thursday, 17 November 2011

Big Lifters Update.

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Continued from Update.

Military transport: US prepares to lose its lead on the heavy lifters

"Now the world of these delivery trucks of the sky is set for a shake-up, as the production of long-dominant aircraft winds down and new competitors come to market.One of the transporters facing an uncertain fate is the Boeing C-17, the workhorse of the US Air Force – which has more than 160 of the aircraft.Australia, Canada and the UK also operate C-17s – it is used by the Royal Air Force for the “air bridge” between the UK and Afghanistan, transporting troops, armoured vehicles and medical evacuees.

No shit Sherlock!

Now that we are entering an age, again, when a rich industrial power can develop its own military technologies, not our own weapons against us AlCIAduh style like the 1990s, not Mi-Hi patsies like in the noughties, their own MilSpec tech. to use against us; do you seriously expect these things to be used in anything other than scheduled milk runs? If this could be taken down by RPG(?) what do you think is going to happen to the fat transports when ChiComm mobile AD systems get deployed?

Even if we had a mentalist determined to send the droning A400Ms in to a hot spot, the guys in the Treasury(or real PFI owners) would nono the whole ploy. How much does one cost?

So expect them to be dropping milk powder and grains to starving persons to justify their existence.

It was always so.