Thursday, 17 November 2011

Well that is the Philippines phukked!!

Waterboarding was reintroduced for the modern terror state age by the surfboarders when they sojourned in Mindanao.

The Philippines has been an age old friend and ally of the witchbitch’s boybitch-bitchboy-abortched-scrorched-earth-predecessor holders of the wonderful office of Secretary of State of USofA corp. making a phukkin mess of the aboriginals’ corpses in all copses of the world not yet heathenised.

As I’ve said before, anytime the GGT hall their spying arses through your country you can expect a massive body count turning up pronto.

Guess where Top Gear sauntered through a year ago or so? Where are they this year? It won’t spoil your surprise when the Saagwala Murg hits the fan then.

So you can understand that when one sees the foundation heathenoid, empty skulled, vacuous-tart eviloid, soontobedeadhuman-rights spouting, feminista-killer-khazidroid telling the Philippines that everything is cool, after many GGT visits, I’d be getting the phukk out of dodge.

I’d also be getting my head down in Darwin. The Darwinian’s are going to be getting a heavy dose of natural selection by gunfire and sniper.

An unnatural attractor has just pitched up.

Can you speak Bahasa?

No kidding.