Saturday, 12 November 2011

It is all warming up nicely round the Plain of Jars.

Image source. (I will ask you to consider Brezhnev’s Chink double cracking the light.)

Memory source.

Very, very interesting goings on in the Ho Chi Minh trail lite area.

First Five Boats Arrived At Mekong

Hmmmm I wonder what were these poor slobs running from?

Bonnie and Clyde-like or getting ready for the gunfire and sniper.

Sorry fools, but whilst you watch the new Muslim Brotherhood harem curtain come down, just like the bamboo curtain was a falsity, just like the iron curtain was a prophylactic, the real big one is brewing nicely.

The body count around the Med, the Phoenician Lake, is only rounding down and up.

The real account will be measured in the hundreds of millions.

Why am I sure about this?

The proportions of sacrifice are relatively constant; the dead are a product of the living, the soon to be unalive.