Friday, 11 November 2011


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How would one characterise the state of UKplc at this very moment?

We would of course need to examine some evidence to perhaps come to a conclusion so let us start with the NHS today where Hinchingbrooke has been cherry picked by a private entity to start the death rationing process.

I have several problems with this process and to help identify my concerns lets have a little chat about posties.

Do you remember when the UKplc Post Office would hand over £500m smooth per year to Gordon Brown? Do you remember that? Then Gordon got the word from his bosses that the land the post offices were sited on, especially the sorting offices in RCE/LC, was wanted and that they were to be handed over pronto Tonto for a fiver. Immediately the accounting profession got its magic abacus out and voila the UK Post Office was making a mega loss, poof!! out of nowhere the spreadsheet terrioristas provided the ammunition to trash the lives of everyone in UKplc.

So when I see the words “loss making” or “troubled finances” attached to anything the public has paid for you know the terrorist crime accountants have been making suitable adjustments on the financial fantabulous slide rules.

That is one of my troubles with this whole process. The other is the very idea on which our economic system as crime scene rests.

Put bluntly there is no debt, no losses, no financial accounting because money does not exist. There is no profit, no red ink only a state of mind engendered by the Derren Browns of the accountancy profession.

If you and I know this then you have to ask two things about these so called business persons who extol the virtues of market capitalism in its current degenerate form.

They are either thick as two short ends and deluded, or they are criminals in on the iCSI. There is nothing in-between these two states.

So why the fuck would I want fools and/or criminals getting involved in the process of delivering children into the world, caring for the elderly or putting the injured back together again. I mean would you trust the biscuit persons to do anything other than taint your food 19th century style?

A further cause for my concern is that the criminal mindset will also be a slaver mind.

I worked for a short while here in the Smoke for slavers. Oh they were ISO this and Approved that but their basic business model was slaving. You see it is too difficult for UKplc business persons to do anything other than suck at the tit of government or thieve or slave. That is all they can do. We’d get Portuguese gang masters to drive our Brazilian slaves. Open borders, globalisation and the benefits of a multi-Kulti shitheap. Their spawn would be the children everyone was watching looting the streets a couple of months back.

You can understand my further concern for the safety of the travelling public in UKplc when one considers that all the contract staff, supposedly security cleared, at UKplc airports will be getting handled by orgs similar to the slavers I came to know and despise. All that taking off your shoes, scanning your toiletries and grooming the children never to know what freedom to go about your lawful business was. All this rubbish to stop a bunch of made up phantoms from CIA central casting killing us all. Bollox!!

If I was a genius master terrorista with a groovy hairdo I’d start a contract cleaning company and buy the contracts at Luton airport.

Oh yes I would, for here in the Easyjet borough I know the cricket club breakfast club I’d tool into and get to chatting with the geezers carving up the business locally. Just like if I wanted a bit of plumbing, chippying, sparkying or anything building work related I know the boozer to park my arse in and start buying a couple of drinks.

So let me sum up what we’ve got here.

The NHS will be handed over to ignorant fools who believe in nothing, at best. At worst, and much more likely, the care of our health is being handed over to a bunch of lying, criminally intent, slaving clowns who cannot deal with capitalism and are likely to be infiltrated by any real terrorists out there.

Now that UKplc is a debacle.