Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Jubilee? NoThankeee.

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Here are two quotes from my other shop, the less sweary one, relatively.


Long derelict. Within the geneticmemetic and systems emetic there is a correcting mechanism called the Jubilee. Since the contrived economic philosophy cannot do other than concentrate wealth upwards, impoverishing the 99%, those who described the magik to their practitioners instructed that there be a different way of administering, the still, corrupting system for the administrators of the scheme.


This simple pattern repeats throughout and in a more complex age might the Kondratiev be the manifestation of this given? For those, outwith the elitists' Jubilee, their experience is, emetic, designed depression and death.

No successful practitioner will ever challenge this given economic system once within. It is Pavlovian amnesiac.

If you and I can see this simple truth, why do you think that no seat of learning can ever explore these lines of enquiry now?

This JUBILEE notion is only treating a singular symptom. I told you that you had to keep an eye on Maximum’s NOAHide compliant footwear, didn’t I. Reebok and Nike and all the other sports related trendy sandling are NOAHide compliant. I bet you didn’t realize you’d been co-opted, did you?

If the power to create nothing from the aether is not destroyed then the game will simply start again.

In order to remove the disease, the pestilence, from our existence we need to cut to the end game where the infinite evil in a finite space aims to do the same as we would do and destroy all concepts of money. For in a NOAHide AGENDA21 slave plantation there will be no money, no property, just communal evil. Concepts which were introduced to humanity by the eviloids operating out of the devil’s monetary/false spiritual/ death cult temple and ritual complex.

As a start you could seize the imagery creation power, destroy all false memory, and erase all need to watch overfed clowns pursuing professional sports. Do it yourself, don’t buy a new minion screen and plant some beetroot. Do these autonomously, persuade one other person each month to join you and task them similar and before you know it you will have so rearranged the political terms of the economy that you and your colleagues will be in a position to start wrapping up the proclivities of the most toxic activity ever known to man.

Kill money as debt, kill off all financial instruments, kill off all idea of store of wealth in inanimate objects and before you know it we will all be free.

All 7, 8, 9 billions of us.

Become a true instrument of real change, become for once in your life; human.

Right then sweary word control is now, OFF.

Or you and your progeny will be consigned to oblivion, you know, where the skanksterwanksterbanksters and the NOAHide minions want you to believe you are only worthy of. That’s what their eviloid boss wants you to believe. That you are only deserving of domesticated oblivion, kept like phukkedwitz livestock in Marie Annetoinette’s oligarchic pigsty. Capable of nothing but repetitive ceremony, ritual and worship for ever and ever Amon Hotep. Wanking away your lives.

You phukkmuppets. Fucking stop it. Wake the fuck up!