Monday, 14 November 2011

In Your Imaaaginaaation.

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Did you watch the Abu Dhabi GP yesterday?


Beautiful circuit.


If, like me, you clocked the GP background shots you will have asked yourself “How come it looks so Monte Carlo?”. Then remembering the tax take here in UKplc from petrol duty, petrol stations are simply tax collectors, and that the tax disappears overseas into fake charities and so called dividends, then there is no doubt in my mind that we in the west are subject to a tribute levied on behalf of our masters on the luxury yachts littering Abu Dhabi’s harbour.

Remember these slobs have never contributed anything in any sphere of activity that can be called actual work or effort.

All the bum boat dwellers sat by and merrily let the Panzers roll past or the U-Boats snorkel around or the Stukas dive bomb and never, ever did anything themselves to resist anyone or anything unless the banksters heaved into view with a shit stirrer and loads of forged currency.

So how come they get to park their sandy arses quaffing fine champagnes, arsebandittery and pummelling slave boys and we get to hand our taxes over to them whilst the local hospital shuts up shop?

Now I do not believe in that IQ measurement shit, self reinforcing prejudice is all it is, but let us for a minute suspend disbelief and imagine it is spot on. Then I would humbly suggest that the average denizen of the west would be found way over on the left hand side of the Gaussian distribution in the decile labelled “Too thick to breathe unassisted”.

It can be the only answer.

“Oooohh INCOMING!!!!!!! You’ve gone all anti-semitic on us” I can hear you splutter over your keyboard. Well wipe the tea biscuit splatter from your minion screens and read on smurphshitforbrains.

I’ve noted the area around the Gulf (originally named the Red Sea) several times now. At least twice I’ve mentioned the confusion and cognitive dissonance, long since removed from the ausphart, of a coloured USN serviceman who when the liberation of Kuwait was kicking off protested that he wasn’t at all hipp with the idea of freeing a bunch of slavers from Saddam’s rightful wrath. He got canned and likely as not spent time in the brig.

You see all we’ve got inhabiting that dump from Kuwait all the way round to Yemen, the Queen of Sheba’s old knocking shop, are slavers and thieves. Workshy racists, lazy misogynists and rabid heathenites. How you can expect anything other than phukkmuppetry from them in places like the UN is beyond me. I mean do you really think that they give a flying fuck about the slobs in the concentration camp in Arbeit Macht Frei sur Med? Do you? And if you think that these inmates would be anything other than in on the scam to fleece us in the west if the Pripyet Marsh terroristas were not garrisoning Rothschild’s pirate base, then you really are in the percentile on the very, very left hand side of the Gaussian. There is nothing in their history pre 1947 that would trend otherwise. Don't give me any oil embargo pish either. Wadi dwelling Stone Age heathenistas of the djinn. Enemies of freedom and alien to democracy. Yet mysteriously chock full of all sorts of istas funded by foundation money, whether it is feministas, liberationistas, environmentalistas or NWOistas. They’ll sing any agenda for free grub and a stash of porn. So just like our intellectuals then. Inimitable to the ordinary punter.

If, as I’ve highlighted on two occasions there is a clear and present danger from these clowns to our way of life, here and here, because of their complicity with shenanigans sponsored by the Rothschild operatives in our government then you can see why anyone with a spark of genuine engineering nonce is going to get vaped or patented to death when over unity machines are researched. They are never going to be interested in what used to drive the west, scientific discovery, they are truly dark age emissaries.

It is a massive and complex racket designed to drain us of wealth and then once we are empty you can expect them to sell out to whoever steams into view with a shed load of readies. ChiComms or Hindus they don’t care just so long as they don’t ever have to do any work.

If you don’t believe that we are deep shit and likely deep sixed then read here and watch this.

Oh and if you don’t drag yourselves pronto over to the right hand side of the Gaussian then you deserve to get erased from history and every one of your streets controlled from the Minaret you retarded smurphmuppets.